Wednesday, 26 January 2011

26 Jan. Wednesday

Janathon is winding up. I'm exhausted. At the beginning of the month I visited a lot of blogs and commented. Now I can barely keep my own up to date.  Swimming finishes at 10:45, and it's a bit of a drive home, even if I don't get lost, which I usually do, or at least I take yet another creative route home. So I deny that I get lost.  But I was awake until 1:30 a.m.  I received a kind suggestion that it would be easier to fall asleep if I weren't sitting in front of the computer.  But that's when I was catching up on janathoners' wonderful adventures, interesting, funny tales, and inspiring efforts.   I looked at the group tables on Running Free. Holy crap. where do you people find the time!

Today, bike ride and sweaty tough core workout at the gym. I think I managed to work the painful knot out of my trapezius.  I'll know better on Friday's swim.   Being a little neurotic, I can't decide between going out for a run and going to bed. I have to walk the dog, and it's not raining. So, so. So. I'll decide in a minute and tell you tomorrow.


  1. Well done, Chris. You're doing brilliantly. I'm absolutely shattered too - we're nearly there!

  2. Trying to fit everything in has certainly been a challenge... in no way a chore though... It's been enjoyable and I'm what's more, given me the opportunity to discover all these fantastic blogs, which as you've said are inspiring, funny and motivating. At least in February I'll have more time to read them all! :-)


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