Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 Jan. Just keep moving

my leg hurts from the physio work yesterday. I'm bothered about this since it hurts more AFTER the treatment than before.  today was wickedly busy with the Man Still Down. and I didn't sleep well. wakeful. And up until 1 a.m. (reading very enjoyable Janathon posts).

So today's workout is carrying the full family load (laundry, meals, paid work, fetch & carry, and a bit of nursemaid).

Thankfully the elevator at the office is out of service. The entrance I use is at the basement. My desk on Four. Plus count European style. (Add the main floor) = 5 flights. I did them twice. Both directions. I didn't even get winded. I'm proud of that.   Not bothering to count multiple trips up the 3 flights in the house, with the laundry at the top.

listening to my body, I'm going to rest rather than hop on the trainer at 21.  Swim practice eats into Wednesdays. I know this.

Tomorrow.  She who fights and runs away (to bed) lives to fight another day (of the dead?). I messed up the rhyme. but no doubt you'll understand. It's just Janathon.

("official" weigh in with the trainer at the gym tomorrow. Has the diet been working? I certainly have. Results, please!)


  1. so i'm not a janathoner and i'm constantly running my mouth to you but, i can't help myself. i loved this post!

  2. Five flights? Twice? Well done! I hope you're pleased with your results tomorrow. :-)


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