Thursday, 13 January 2011

13 Jan. I've been tricked!

Noticing that the rain had apparently stopped this evening (it was a major umbrella morning), I decided to multi-task. Odie needs to go out for a long-ish walk in the evening. I need to move. So two in one. I had thought while looking at the rain that I'd ride my bike on the TACX, which I am enjoying so much. But that meant I wouldn't start until half 10 after the walk. So, since like I said, the rain had stopped and it looked dry, out the door we went.

Odie loves to run and patiently watches me while I assemble running tights, shoes, shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, arm band that blinks (care of Santa), house key, heart rate strap, Garmin. And he sits quietly while I program a little tempo run so I can stay in a high enough aerobic zone.  And he starts dancing when he realises I've finished collecting myself and I'm ready to get out the door.

Well, 15 minutes into an out-and-back run, the rain returned. And he brought his brother the wind.  What fun!

30 minutes 4.5 km Done.


  1. The good thing about the rain is that it washes off the mud :-) I agree with magiee, it's a lot easier running in summer.

  2. I've never run in summer (this is my first year of running) but I ran in the rain last night for the first time (unintentionally) and it was lovely! I felt like a wild horse :-)


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