Monday, 1 March 2010

Home from vacation and back to reality!

Here's a quick update on my knee and a post-ski vacation activity report. On 12 February, my running coach recommended walking my crunchy right knee for a week and asked for an update the following Monday, Feb 15th, which I sent. Despite the recommendation to walk, I took two easy mid-week runs - a slow 3k and then a faster 5k a couple days later. I appear to have escaped any consequences for being pig-headed.

Last week, I enjoyed four days of downhill skiing in the Italian Dolomites. I even got up on a snowboard for half a day.  I ran an easy 5k on Thursday, 25th February (40 min with a 2:1 r:w ratio). And I've been doing sun salutations every night for about 30 minutes. I also swam laps for 45 minutes on Saturday in a delightful pool with my kids in Italy before hoping on the bus.

This weekend's assignment is 12k with a MM. I decided to bump it to Monday due to high winds and driving rain today. Plus I got about four hours sleep on the bus home.  My coach was pleased with my report and suggested limiting the run to 10k without a MM. So that's the plan after work. He cautioned me about "unnatural postures" in yoga, mentioning that runners can hurt themselves. I agree. I don't force myself into any postures. In a yoga class years ago, I hurt my hip in pigeon pose, and it took a very long time to recover.

Sunday I did a cross-fit workout (burpees, push-ups and 500m row - AMRAP in  20 minutes). I completed 4 rounds. The intensity of the workout left me humming for the rest of the day.

My knees are feeling fine - The right one is not making any more shag carpet sounds. During one of my yoga sun salutations last week, my knee cap made a little pop and it felt like it realigned itself. After that, no more noise. Before I left on vacation, I made an appointment with a physiotherapist who also teaches the POSE method of running.  I'm also going to ask her to help me with my shoulder, which has been giving me some pain, especially when lifting weights above my head.
I've come through the doubting stage of marathon training. I won't quit or change my planned distance. I have confidence in myself and I will gut it out. I will discover myself at the finish line. I registered for the CPC Half-Marathon today too. Step by step! 
The last tidbit is a burning desire to buy a new tri specific wet-suit.  I have another reason to lean out now. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on Size Large when I really prefer to fit into a medium. Enough said.

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