Thursday, 18 February 2010

action plan? he he he

  1. think about training plans.
  2. review the Fink book - no go, since it's only for full IM distance. Will use it as a reference guide since it's full of great ideas.
  3. decide to go out for a run.
  4. make a cup of coffee first and sit down at the computer, which is free for the moment.
  5. Decide to refresh my memory about podcasting since I might like to do one about the "middle distance tri."
  6. test the microphone jack. yup. it's broken.
  7. surf the web for a book Judy recommended by Matt Fitzgerald
  8. Find his site, look at exercises.
  9. find lots of training plans on a training site I like.  Boy are they expensive. Realise I don't know what I want yet.
  10. Stop looking at plans after I remember I wanted to join the local tri club first before deciding on a plan.
  11. decide to contact the local triathlon club & inquire about joining up to train. Can't remember their website name.
  12. search for the club's website via the race in January.
  13. Find the race site and notice they've posted the new youtube video of the race.
  14. watch it, add a link to two blogs.
  15. Find a  link to the newspaper article about the race - read the article, especially the part quoting me. Translate the Dutch to see what I said. Ha ha.
  16. wander back to the Google search results showing there's a POSE running coach in my home town who also ran the race. Nice - she's my age.
  17. contact the local POSE running coach & inquire about learning better form.
  18. realise I had decided to go out for a run.
  19. write this list.
  20. Dog, who had been waiting for me to dress for the run, walks off to sleep on the coach.
  21. go change into my running clothes before it gets dark.... see ya!

1 comment:

  1. Lots to think about!
    Oh, I had a nice comment over on my blog, in answer to your comment on the Bustinskin. Here it is....

    Good evening Ladies, I am BustinSkin Man and I found this whilst trawling the world wide web:)

    When I saw the "We are going to have such fun! I am so excited." quote I thought I'd wish you luck, 2 more hills have just been added by myself and blistering sun has been payed for.

    See you in September,X

    Mark Steen
    Race director
    BustinSkin Events


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