Wednesday, 31 March 2010

catching up on the news

I've been a little busy, and not writing here. Sorry if you've been looking for news.  Quick recap: the week after the CPC, I ran 30k in Rotterdam, covering a large part of the course. I started late enough in the day that it got too dark for me to feel safe running alone in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. When the rain started, I ran to the train station and went home, feeling quite satisfied with my effort.  The trouble is that I'm short on the assigned distance (which was the full 42) and I missed some of the earlier long runs that were assigned in January and February. My coach hadn't assigned any interval training either. So, that adds up to going into this feeling a tad under-prepared.

Last weekend was busy.  I  ran 800m repeats for 10k on Saturday and then cycled for 2 hrs/40k on Sunday.  Rest Monday, Swam Tuesday and goofed around with the BOSU today (steps, squats, balancing things that made my son laugh with me and try a turn too).

My running coach finally got his email organised, responded to my half marathon report, and (finally) understood the course pacing limits for the Rotterdam marathon that is a week from Sunday.  He gave me some much-appreciated positive strokes for my effort with the Half.
"Wow, what an experience.  This was a success in many ways.  You found that even though you wanted to quit and the forces were conspiring against you to finish--that you could could push on and finish.
 You ran faster despite a lower level of training and other challenges.  You have the will power of a true athlete.  I am very proud of you!!
 Big lesson to both of us--know what the cutoff time is before entering the race. 
 I look forward to working on a strategy for Rotterdam."
So the strategy is for me to try some different run/walk ratios over one km.

Here's his advice:
"Sorry to hear about the course pace constraints in Rotterdam.  I believe that it is possible to stay ahead of the closure time.
The challenge is that you only did 30K on your last long run.  That is what determines your current "wall".   But you have a good base of training.
Practice a variety of ratios on your short runs to see how you can maintain the 7:50 needed to avoid the course closing.  The more walking you can do during the first 12K, the more fatigue you will erase.
Try three different ratios, on the same measured kilometer.  Try a 15/45, 20/40, 30/30.  Tell me what you get with each.
We will come up with a plan, together."
I remain sceptical of the very short walk/run intervals, but I will give it a try. I found a track that's not too far away (where I had the POSE method coaching session last Friday). So I can go back there.

The marathon will be one big adventure!  My plan is to run it and finish it, on my own watch if necessary. Stay tuned!   Rule No. 1: don't talk to the sweepers.  Rule No. 2: Remember Rule No. 1.

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