Sunday, 14 March 2010

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I ran a personal best for the Half M in my new bra, without ill effects. I did however make a poor choice in running shorts. I couldn't find the shorts I really wanted to wear (they must be put away for the winter or something), and I grabbed an old pair I hadn't used in five years. As I ran out the house to catch the tram to the start, the shorts rolled up my thighs. I now have an awful rub rash and spent half the race hiking the damn things down.

I'm still processing the race and will reflect and write more later. One lesson learned is don't talk to the guy in the sweeper car. They "closed" the course at 14k and at 13K told me I was "te laat" - that my time wasn't going to be recorded. Closing the course meant that they took down the barricades and reopened the roads to traffic. I was only about a minute behind the official pace bikes bringing up the rear. But it took a tremendous toll on my spirit. To make it worse, this part of the course took me within a few blocks of my house. Part of me (a big part) wanted to quit in discouragement. But I pulled it out of my heart, decided that I would record my finish time even if the race officials didn't. And I finished the race. As it turned out, my time was recorded. I got home to find all the SMS messages on my phone. I wasn't too late at all.

I learned a lot about what mental attitude can do to spoil or enhance performance. I felt underprepared going in - I hadn't done any speed work over the winter, missed some long runs, skipped some mid-week runs, and had the problem with my knee. I am grateful to report that my knees felt fabulous throughout the run. Instead, I have a painful blister on my toe. That is NO big deal though.

When I had to decide there and then why I was running that race, I decided it was because I can - a lot of spectators inspired me. Lots of young kids were out cheering on this drab, cold and windy day. I saw a couple double-amputees and many elderly people who cheered me on.

The best part of running the race course behind the janitors was the cheers. There's something special about being tough enough not to quit. The cops held the traffic for me and the small group of die hards who refused to be one of the "Uitvaller", which translates as dropouts. There was a van to pick up the dropouts with that label on the side.

I also thought about the fact that quitting lasts forever. I did it.


  1. congratulations chris! i should consider following the women's running thread on mfd. for some reason, i never considered one might exist.

  2. Congratulations! I'm so inspired that you kept going... I'll bet the cheers helped tons and tons.

  3. You know the adage, if you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl but never give up! In my books you got a gold medal :)


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