Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bustinskin Middle Distance Triathlon

I'm starting to wrap my head around distances, training, plans. And so on.  My first group swim is Tuesday night.

Race website

Bike Route

Run Route

I road in my first group bike ride today - 10km there & back, 25km with the group.  Fairly intense cardio workout, but my legs feel good.

I will need to learn to ride longer and faster. And figure out how to train for elevation that you just won't find in The Netherlands.  Here's the bike route.

Next week I run the CPC half-marathon, then a marathon distance training run, then my last speed session, then taper until Rotterdam.  I'm excited, but as usual wish I had trained harder.  I always wish that - note to self. Avoid injury. Be conservative. Recognise there is a sag in the middle of training and do it anyway!

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  1. About the same today then :)
    26.5 Km for me...uphill. Felt like forever...

    I'm registering for the Lac des Settons Sprint in July, maybe the Autun one as well, depends on the paperwork.

    He has added two extra hills since that map. He is a sadist!


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