Friday, 12 March 2010

T-3 City-Pier-City The Hague

T-3 to Sunday's half marathon. I did a little speed work last night for 30 minutes and everything was fine. I wish I was lighter (and faster and .... ) :)

October's HM was a Big Deal. Sunday is a celebration of a year of running races for me - this race was my first 10k), and I'm barely nervous. Again, my goal is to have my time registered - that is, to finish before the time limit of 2:30. That would mean a six minute improvement on my HM time from October. The weather will be cooler so I think I can do it "without too much sweat." I'm hoping my knees agree with me. I've been very nice to them, so they aren't "talking" back to me right now.
here's hoping!

Edited to add: I checked my finish time (see the photo above) I need to cut nine minutes!

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  1. The main thing is doing it your way, sod the time cut off. However I have great confidence that you will do it within the time. :)

    Remember to check your coat in this time!

    Eat some good carbs, eat coconut and pineapple, they will help with the knee inflammation.

    Go, go, go!


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