Wednesday, 10 March 2010

199 days remaining.

I've been busy.  Got the bike out of the garage Saturday and rode with a group of ex pat men. 10k to the meeting point, 25k faster than I've ever ridden (25k/hr), coffee & chatter & 10k home. Lots of fun.

Sunday, 12 hard kilometres on spent legs.  I chose a new route, which made it interesting, and I started far from home, which made sure I did it all. Passing bus stops provoked thoughts of catching a ride, however.

Tuesday night - first tri-coached swim training.  I am now a Total Immersion swimming student.  I had a great time. I have home work to improve my swimming.

Today (Wed.) I relaxed with my kids and watched the linked video.  I'm excited about Sunday's half marathon. Good advice from Judy - think about the training I have done, not the training I did a while ago.

Ideas to swim faster:
  • reduce resistance
  • swim sustainably (not velocity)
  • how easily can I move through the water (not speed) - how can I make my desired pace feel easier?
  • stroke length vs. stroke rate
  • huge opportunity to increase efficiency above current level of three percent
Bottom line: Get better at stream-lining.

Endurance: both mental (a stroke thought for each stroke) and motor endurance

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  1. When the going gets tough I do the Buddhist mantra 'Om Mani Padme Om', and pretend that I'm a mermaid. Seems to take my mind off of sinking. ;)

    Terry mentions finding your focus in the technique. Sounds weird, but essentially you see how easy swimming feels whilst concentrating on different movements. The one which feels the easiest to you is the one to focus on when you swim: Flutter kick, hip rotation, letterbox arm, arm pull back, head facing down or body lengthening in the water (my focus point).

    Heehee, yes this is fun, in a whacky addictive way. Soooo next year Ironman? ;)


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