Saturday, 13 March 2010

ready steady....

I've planned my pace for tomorrow. My goal is to have my time recorded and finish under 2:30.  I picked up my race packet  - the race staging area will be lively and packed tomorrow.
The weather will be cold and windy. I sat with my son during his orchestra practice visualising the race, planning nutrition tonight, tomorrow and  during the race.

I have normal race jitters - which show up as negative self-talk. (haven't trained hard enough etc.). I turned around these thoughts to positive optimism.   This is after all only a training run for the full marathon next month!

I will violate the primary rule of racing - I bought a new running bra which I will wear during the race.  The one I have been using for long runs offer too much compression.  I don't bounce, but I can't breath either. Hopefully this one is a happy compromise.

I spent some time thinking about why I like to race. I only race against myself, mind you. But having a goal organises and motivates my training.  It is not possible to catch up in the  last-minute and "cram" the training  that is needed to adapt and improve over months.  This fact helps me build self-discipline and pride.

I also love the excitement of the fellow athletes and spectators. Mostly I train by myself. So a race is a rare moment to share an activity I love with others. And I love the diversity of participants.  I have learned unique lessons from every race.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my second half-marathon.

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