Monday, 1 March 2010

1 March - back in the groove

I am glad to report I ran an easy 10k tonight with a 2:1 R W ratio. My knees feel fine. I did have my left shoe tied too tightly and needed to adjust the laces after about 8k, in response to a foot cramp. I reallllllly wanted to run barefoot. But I couldn't risk hurting myself in the dark on the beach where I was running.

I had a wonderful time. Odie my lab ran with me. He spent the week we were in Italy in a "Doggie Hotel" and I think he was glad to go out for a run too.

I am interested in learning the POSE method of running. This evening I watched some videos on the method, including a couple by Dr Romanov - he offered some ideas about hill running, including the idea that our perception creates our reality - that if we think hill running will be difficult, then we will tense up and make it difficult. (His conception of running is to use gravity and body weight to create forward momentum *falling* and then to pick up our feet repeatedly - suddenly you're running.)

Anyway, he explained that using his method, runners with their eyes closed (and a guide) couldn't tell if they were running uphill and found it "normal."  I ran with my eyes closed on the beach tonight (only for about 20 steps...) - though it was dark enough that I needn't have closed my eyes.  At one point the city lights and clouds were reflected in the surface water on the shore. I felt like I was running in the sky.

Well, that's enough esoterica from me.

Run strong!


nutrition totals today
F 100g 47%
C 133g 27%
P 120g 26%

Oh, and I registered for the half marathon next month in The Hague. Without even the slightest hesitation. I can do this.

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