Wednesday, 9 June 2010

w16 Wednesday

Busy day: wake, make breakfast and lunch, listen to my son rehearse his presentation and then take him to school; argue with the electric company guy about the bill; take the dog for a run; quick change and get over to the dentist; pick up my son from school; feed him, bake brownies, prep for dinner, getting sauce ready; race across town for tennis & violin lesson; back for dinner. Do dishes. Go to bed!

55 minute tempo run. fun. my hrm was giving me some strange readings until about 20 minutes into the run. I wonder if there is electronic interference or something. I know it was not 90 bpm when I was running at a 5min/km pace!
food: latte; pineapple egg pre workout; mango banana protein powder; liverwurst spinach yellow pepper; spinach with ground beef/veg/tomato sauce. Bonus homemade brownie I baked with my son after school. total est. intake: 1170

The brownie put me a little too high on the carbs today. But I enjoyed every bite.

PS. my attempt to go to be early was thwarted by one large tick on the dog plus several chapters of my new book :)

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