Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tram tracks 1- Bike 0

Today was a gorgeous ride south past Monster after stopping at the bike shop to make an appointment for service and installation of aero-bars.  I rode back through an intersection with tram tracks and thought I had crossed them. One of my tires dropped into the tracks, suddenly snapping the direction of the bike and down I went. I stopped sliding when my shoulder hit the curb. A fellow cyclist asked me if I was alright. I popped up, saying, that was a surprise. It was.   I  have lots of bruises and fine road rash on my elbow, knee and shoulder.  And I'm sore.

The ride was absolutely lovely. So I will sit and the sun and enjoy the day. I feel like a real triathlete now.

I finished the day with 1250 m lap swim. My coach corrected the angle of my arm entry. Progress.  I can do this!

So, I am left wondering if there is a "preferred way" to land when you crash your bike.  It happens again, should I try to tuck my arm and leg in, and fall flat?  I think from the bruises and road rash that I must have stuck knee and elbow out to catch myself as I went down. Not effective and could have resulted in more injury, in hindsight.  My whole right side hurts a bit - hip, shoulder & neck.  I will replace my helmet, though I think I didn't hit, or didn't hit hard at least - when I slid into the curb.  (now I will have proof that I am an triathlete!)
I take away confidence that I can handle sudden & unexpected events calmly.  I was up on my feet and out of traffic quickly. Fixed my bike chain and rode home.

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  1. Oh my....

    That sounds nasty, and must hurt like hell. Luckily in a few days you should feel better.

    Check you wheel before your next ride, just in case it is bent out of true.


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