Friday, 18 June 2010

two months

That's how long it took for me to decide to run another marathon.  I figure my second will definitely be easier and faster than my first. (Really, just about anything would be easier and faster....) I will start training after recovering from Bustinskin 72.3 in September. (Two miles were added to the bike. As if 70.3 wasn't enough already).

I explained to a friend at lunch why: the pure pleasure of long-distance running.  Here's another visual explanation.   I'm feeling particularly inspired by Shalane Flanagan, pictured below winning the 2010 US Half Marathon Championships in Houston: 1:09:41.   Maybe I'd run faster with gloves, arm bands and compression socks too!

Now to pick out a race! Fantasy races to be considered:

Cayman Islands Marathon (can't imagine where they could find 26.2 miles on Grand Cayman!). Think Warm. Think December.

Antartic Ice Marathon (could it be anything other than Ice??). Also December. Not Warm.

Or perhaps a half marathon on wheels in Verona:

The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned.

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