Sunday, 20 June 2010

w15 in review - part 1

planning planning planning

keys to success.  I will figure out a way to move one of my long sessions to the middle of the week. I'm wedged up again on Sunday morning with competing opportunities and desires. The opening/closing times of the pool and the gym define access and give me some frustration since back in the USA, the limits aren't so narrow.   I really do need to get my lifting done mid-week too. Plus one mid-week swim. I've said this to myself several times, but I need to PLAN and make it a reality.  Making an appointment with myself - specific Day & Time will manifest ACTION rather than WISH.

The weather was really cruddy this morning and I needed to sleep and rest. So I didn't ride early, which I could have done. But I finished my long run last night at 1900, and need a little more recovery space. Plus I don't like going to bed at 2130!  I'm a big girl and I like to stay up late.  And I like poking around the house on Sunday mornings. I rush out every other day of the week.   I've also cleaned out all the crud from my gym and swim bags, washed sports bottles and clothing, and sorted training plans, instructions, and all bits of paper that make up my daily activities.

So, the plan is to get to the pool, since that's a key workout and I'm short on swim technique and see what time I finish. Then gym? before family activities. We'll see. (Perhaps I will bump my long ride to Monday afternoon, even though Judy will tell me not to.)  I feel incredibly happy to have the chance to do all these activities.

So the reality is this. I have to be in the city center at 1400 for the start of a concert performance by my boys. No one walked the dog, and they've left already to go to rehearsal. I asked my body what it really really wants, and it told me stretching and rehab, with some strength and rope skipping.  So, I'm taking the dog out, which I enjoy because I walk out to the tower and look at the sea.  then I'll train at home, and shower and hop on the tram.  Life is good.

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