Saturday, 12 June 2010

W16 Saturday

Today was a fun day. I enjoyed a gorgeous 90 minute run on the beach with Odie. Hard pack sand, not too hot, not too much wind.  Just right!  If it weren't for a training plan and a busy day tomorrow, I would have kept on running for twice as long.

It turns out I should have. I had a mis-cue with the home front, and while I was gone, they went out to the harbour to celebrate the new herring catch.  I came home to a locked front door & an empty house. I assumed they'd be home and didn't take my keys.  Odie and I took a 30 minute walk; I sat in the front garden on my little cafe chair in the sun. I weeded the front garden. I enjoyed sitting in the sun some more.  They were back soon enough - but my swimming window closed, unfortunately.  I ate, fed the boys and took them to the pool, but it was already 2:30 when we arrived and they had closed (pool closes at 3:00).  I went back to the sea, but the waves were huge and the wind had really picked up.  So I grabbed some books and read in the sun in the back garden.  Very relaxing and enjoyable.  Wrote for a while too.

While running I thought about Desire and Doubt.  I feel really comfortable with my running. I know how to do this - what work needs to happen along the way to get faster.  I feel like an experienced runner.  My knees are really liking the run/walk pacing required to stay within the heart rate limits - every week my pace  is improving.   I mused that I will have to do a second HI next year. HE HE HE. That takes the pressure off this one!  It's just a warm-up on the way to even better fitness and health.

About desire & doubt - they are related - when I want something, I can become fearful that I won't get it - that raises doubt - uncertainty.  desire can also create pleasure. And I am really  enjoying every training session. Maybe skipping the moderates works better for my body that trying to get them all in.  I'll see next week.

I need to also get in more swims. I'd like to get three - right now, I'm getting one or two.  And I need to remember to stretch and do my core routine.

So, that's the news. Looking forward to tomorrow - I have a bike/run brick and will also swim in the morning.

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