Thursday, 10 June 2010

W16 Thursday

My husband will get home late tonight. phew! No training today. It was POURING rain this morning, and I just didn't want to ride in the rain. Wimped out. The whole work day was very busy and productive. Fantasies that I would get to the gym or leave early to swim or that it would stop raining never materialized into reality. There's always tomorrow! The danger is of course that I load up three days in a row with too much and don't allow enough recovery time. I will be reasonable and listen to my body. This has been a challenging week home alone with the kids. But I have really enjoyed being with them in a way that doesn't happen when both parents are home. I end up working late, or training in the evening, or just competing for conversation time.

Food was good today - light since no training.
latte; pineapple & ham for breakfast; tinned makerel & yellow & green peppers; steak, mushrooms, salad; latte; chicken breast, 1/2 c rice, broccoli and spinach for dinner. I'm still a little hungry so I plan to have some fruit.

off to read stories.

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