Saturday, 2 January 2010

Revised Schedule - January to April 2010

In response to my report on my "crappy run," Jeff commented that they're normal occurrences.  To help with my jitters at increasing distance, he suggested a strategy for long runs - call someone every 10k. 

"They can be your motivation lines," he wrote. 

Jeff also gave me a revised schedule to consider, which I've posted on the side panel.  This schedule works a little better with upcoming deadlines at work, which will require some extra time at the office in January.

I also need to plan for a school ski trip next month. Last year, the trip interrupted my running schedule, and I felt a bit under-trained going into the CPC.  I'd like to run the CPC half, and will need to see how I can integrate it into my training schedule for Rotterdam.

Jeff's blog also offered some mental strategies for long runs, a timely post for me: Think Positive.

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