Saturday, 30 January 2010

mid-week make up

I enjoyed a luscious 10k on the beach in fresh snow and sunshine against a brilliant blue sky.  I induldged myself in over-work this week so I didn't run mid-week, choosing instead to read my son his bedtime story when I got home. I went on strike and didn't walk Odie in the evenings after he bit me.  We made up today, I think. But there is a plan afoot to "fix" the problem relating to his dominant behaviour.

I'm annoyed with my lack of self-discipline. So, this morning's run was "owed" on Thursday. And I owe the coach LSD 33k tomorrow.

I've decided I really enjoy 90 minute runs. I got to the estatic part of running after 45 minutes. My legs shed their heavy Clydesdale feeling, the muscles in my arms woke up and decided to participate, I ran taller and straighter.  (keeping in mind always that a lot of my "running" shows up on the pace log as "fast walking"  ratz!).  Scores of gulls took to wing in rapture.  I was mildly alarmed by the thought they were on a bombing run and I was below them.  I need to bring my camera with me. This photo I grabbed from the internet captures some of the feeling, but doesn't do it justice.

I have something like 29 more training runs remaining until the marathon (10 weeks, 3x each).  Every one of them counts, I tell myself.   I can do this.

I thought about the week and my routine. I have so many windows of opportunity - No excuses.  There's a shower in my building I can use.  So I can run:

  • before work, 
  • on the way to work, 
  • during lunch, 
  • in the late afternoon if I don't take a lunch break, 
  • on my way home from the office, 
  • in the evening (before/after) dinner, 
  • when I walk the god in the evening.
Of course, I mean the Dog. But given his view of Himself lately, maybe I am walking the god.  Now I'm sunk. Joan Osborne's tune has been unleashed in my head. What if God was one of us? How would I recognise her? May I greet all beings, Namaste.

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