Monday, 25 January 2010

Week 11 Running Plan

Tues Key Run #1 (worked late, didn't run)
10-20 minute warm-up
2*1200 (2 min RI) [7:40]
4*800 (2 min RI) [5:00]
10 minute cool-down

Thurs Key Run #2 (ran on Saturday - average 8:00 min+/km)
8K run @Mid Tempo pace [6:20]

Sat or Sun Weekend Long Run
33k @MP+28 sec : 8 min/k [4:1 r/w 7:45/10:00]


  1. Chris is your pace mph or kph?

    I am also intrigued by your Puppies ?!

  2. the pace is minutes per kilometer, unfortunately! The puppies are scaled down version of the Crossfit WOD. Today turned into a rest day, however.


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