Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Week of 18 Jan. Run #1

Monday and Tuesday my legs were still sore. Ran mid-week #1 today. 10 min warm-up 3x1600m followed by 6 min cool-down. I would have run the whole 10 min cool down but Odie started growling at another dog and I had had enough of him.  I'm still mad at him.

Tonight I worked on pacing and mental toughness. My goal was 6:45 for the 1600 meters. I ran 7:04. I felt tired tonight and didn't feel like going out at all. But I told myself that training for a marathon means going out sometimes even when I don't feel like it.  I let myself slow down and walk too often. I was better at these in the summer. Tougher.   I can earn my place back.  With dedication and effort, I can improve. That's what I've learned over this past year of running.  Last summer, I could run 14*800 at under 5 minutes. I can do it again.

I worked on a mantra during the run - my mid-week runs are just as important as my weekend runs. I never skip those. Except for once, and that was not a pleasant feeling.

I pushed myself pretty hard and my heart rate shows it. From 53 minutes running,  26 min in Z4 and 21min  in Z5.

I felt like I hated running in cold weather. Too many clothes. Cold since I dressed lightly tonight. Then too hot and sweaty. Then cold because I got sweaty. And fumbling with gloves, even thin ones. And the dumb dog was getting in the way and not paying attention to trying to do 800m repeats. Now that I express the workout like that - 6x800, that's a tidy bit of work. I remember how hard they were from the summer.  I think though I have lost some conditioning. Or perhaps trying to lower my consumption of carbohydrates. I've read that your performance will suffer at first, then pick up.

Recovery meal: chicken mushroom soup with lots of butter.  We'll see how this high fat low carb diet works.

total 2386 (maintenance)
F 154.8g 58%
C 75.4g 13%
P 178.8g 30%

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