Sunday, 17 January 2010

one more run: seeing the need for speed.

Two weeks of sitting on my butt at work equals loss of conditioning.  I enjoyed my 8k run this afternoon, but felt it in my glutes. I aimed at 7:40/km and averaged 7:50.   I learn something about pacing every time I go out for a run. When I plan the pace, I need to account for the walk breaks I take.  I also ran to beat music, which I really enjoyed, from Audiofuel, a UK company that has partnered with the London marathon to produce marathon training pieces.  The beat moves my feet!

Today I ran into the dunes on hard pack and brick. I wanted to run faster than I run on the beach and needed firmer footing.  All my parts feel good after the run.  Cold-weather running is a process of putting clothes on, and taking them off a half hour later. Today, the temperature was just slightly above freezing. Winter hat, ear band, silk layer, wool layer, pullover reflecting coat.  Technical gloves.  Wool layer, technical tights that I use for x-country skiing and biking in the winter. Plus wool ankle-socks.  I didn't bring any water, since I planned for only an hour.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details

What I liked about the run today: I saw a red fox and a big deer. Odie ran with me and has forgotten how to run on a leash.  I had to remind him quite often that he was with me.   But he got the hang of it.  Except when we were in "scented territory"  -- He's very interested in other dogs, either to master them or mate with them.  That's why he's called a dog, I suppose.
I feel more energetic after my run. I will sleep better tonight too.  The marathon was on my mind. Train hard so I can glide through the race.  The more I sweat, the less I will bleed. Something like that.  I need to do the mental training too.  Pushing myself a little today, I recalled the mental talk needed for an endurance sport. It's easy to ease up.  Harder to bear down. But if I want to run faster, I will need to run faster.  My fantasy is a sub-Five race.   That's 7:09/km.   I will need to improve my running to meet that time goal.  More reasonable is 5:30, in time to have my finish recorded. 7:51. Omph.  What I ran today. Just another four and a half hours.  Good thing I have plenty of time to train.

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