Friday, 12 February 2010

knees and other useful objects

my planned 38k for this weekend is a bust. My right kneecap is dry and crunchy, and my coach says WALK, don't run for a week. An hour this weekend and 30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday. The goal is to stay below irritation level and prevent this from becoming an injury. He thinks the lunges at the gym stressed my knee. My money's on the skipping rope.... Anyway. I see more yoga in my future. Rowing yesterday felt great, and I'm pain free. My knee just makes a funny sound when I climb stairs. Not the ha ha funny, I'm sure you understand! The other suggestion from my research is to strengthen my quads to match my fabulous hammies and to stretch.....

If you're interested in more information & what I'm trying to avoid  read here.
There's also a lot of exercises suggested on Runners World.

I'm rather proud to be a middle-aged athlete, regardless.

And of course, the always chock-ful of tidbits you never expected: Youtube.

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  1. Haha I have the opposite problem, if only there was a way to exchange hammies for quads! Oh and cycling in aero is your answer to quads, that or horseriding.

    Dump the skipping, I think you are right, yoga will help more, and not stress the joint.

    So where are you going skiing?

    I am quietly moving more blog to my outside blog and just keeping the Sphere as a backup.


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