Saturday, 29 August 2009

12*800 & shoes again

1. Distance assigned: 800m*12

2. Pace assigned: gradual accelerations every 200m, total 5 min, including a 30 sec walk break at 400m. Pace actually run: see above (average temperature 76 degrees) - duration of rest periods between laps indicated. I walked rather than jogging.

3. Pace: I ran between the 100 & 900 m hashes, to eliminate the error I think I found in the markings last week - this appears to have eliminated the 4 second variation on the tops and bottoms of the laps.

4. Speed-work done: see above

5. Any aches/pains? No soreness in my knees at all today. Not even afterwards. My right foot is bugging me again: I ran with my shoes on today except for the last two laps. I took them off because my right foot started hurting again at 8 k and loosening the laces didn't relieve it. The "corner" or edge of the ball of my right foot started to hurt. This doesn't happen when I run barefoot on the beach. (I ran most of the 22k last week barefoot). After I took my shoes off, the pain stopped immediately. The foot dr I saw a couple weeks ago suggested the callous there comes from shoes that are too narrow. So I will go back to the shoe store - maybe I need a wider running shoe. running on the trail barefoot is not like running on the beach. (and maybe I need new dress shoes too....)

6. Questions? how do runners carry enough water? I ran with a camelbak last weekend and drank all my water, and bought more on the route, and still ran out. Today I ran with bottles in a belt and finished them too. :(

Tuesday's mid-week run was more difficult than usual - I felt like a flat tire and kept it to 30 minutes. I think I was still a little tired from Sunday's run/bike festival.

I sampled the intervals you suggested. Both 4:1 & 3:1 intervals felt very comfortable. I worked late Wed & Thursday and didn't get a second run in. Nutrition and sleep were off the last couple days (too little of each). I felt it today. The last two laps felt pretty difficult compared to the earlier ones. The first three didn't feel as quick as they turned out to be.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: 22K - I'm looking forward to it!
Have a great week.


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