Wednesday, 19 August 2009

getting faster!

I really nailed the 800m repeats today! Running the assigned distance while campting this past weekend in France just didn't work out. My family and I had a pretty busy time at the swimming hole -- the temperatures were well over 100 degrees during the day time. So on Sunday I ran for 40 minutes at 8:00 a.m. The temperature was already 85 degrees! I ran the weekend assignment tonight after work: 800m*10. I'm pleased with the results.

1. Distance assigned: 800m*10

2. Pace assigned: gradual accelerations every 200m, total 5 min, including a 30 sec walk break at 400m. Pace actually run: see below (average temperature 77 degrees) - I took a walk break of 2:30 between lap.

3. Pace: (blanks indicate a sweaty stop watch!) - Looking at the numbers, I am thinking I am starting/finishing at the wrong mark - the even & odd lap times for 100M & 800M are consistently off by the nearly same amount - about 4 seconds. I felt today they just seemed a little bit further than they should have been. Anyway - I'm consistent.

4. Speed-work done: see above!

5. Any aches/pains? Nope. I noticed my breathing was a little more difficult at the 8th & 9th segments. I focused on deep & slow, and the congestion went away.

6. Questions? I want to start visualising the half marathon in October. What pace & walk break ratio do you have in mind to recommend? How should I approach next weekend's distance piece?

I worked with a fellow who put together some pacing music - five minutes with an increasing beat every two hundred meters. I found the music really helped me a lot. After we work out the details, I'll ask him to send you a copy. Should I plan to try to increase my pace for the next repeats? There are two more assigned before Amsterdam. I think they'll be willing to help me create whatever pace specification I ask for.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: Aug 23--20.5K. I may decide to run in a park or along the route in Amsterdam itself - just to see what it's like to run somewhere besides the beach. Though the beach is quite nice!
I noticed I was having a little asthma or something at segments 8 & 9 - harder to breathe - Maybe it was the change in humidity. I started running in the evening at 8:20 or so (of course, with Marathon Dog Odie). At nightfall, the temperature quickly reached the dew point. That coincided with the hard work.

During a couple of the breaks between segments, I dipped Odie into a nearby pond. Even though it was green water, I thought he needed to cool down.
My fastest segment was #9. On the running path coming towards us were "devil dogs" off leash. (Small chiwawa types...) Odie rushed them a bit. I didn't want to get into a pulling match with Odie and blow my time. So I used reverse psychology. I dropped the leash (no traffic - no bikes - no danger if he dashed) and continued to run hard - he of course followed me to the finish line.

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