Wednesday, 2 September 2009

suggestions for avoiding foot pain, drinking water, and combatting fatigue

Suggestions for addressing my foot pain:

1) find a shoe that will not hurt the foot, and 2) don't limp or change my stride because of the pain in the foo. No worries if it does not get worse. I will go back to the store and see if I can find a shoe that will work for me.

On water consumption, Jeff suggests:
Remember that you should not consume more than @ 600ml per hour. Drinking more than this can produce a dangerous situation called hyponatremia. On long runs, the camelback or the fuelbelt products are used most commonly. Choose a route that allows you to refill at the half way point.
I think my consumption levels are below his recommendation. I will need to measure the flasks to see if I'm right.

Jeff suggests
When you are feeling flat, just take an extra day off, or run extra easy all
week--no fast running.

This is exactly what I did last week. He also suggested eating
a simple carbohydrate snack of about 250 calories, within 30 minutes of
finishing a long or fast run. On the short runs, eat a snack of about 100
calories of simple carbs.
After my long run, I ate 3/4 c veggie fried rice and shrimp, and then jumped on my bike. I bought some sports drink during the ride. Afterwards, I wasn't hungry. I think I didn't eat enough dinner that night.

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