Friday, 21 August 2009

looking forward to the race

I received some nice feedback from Jeff after Tuesday's 800 meter repeats: "Yes--you had an awesome workout. You are really improving."

I also asked about trying to increase the pace. He suggested sticking with a five minute pace. Over the next month, the repeats build to 14. That is daunting. Ten were tough. I am thinking I ought to get "serious" about my mid-week runs. Maybe I should just do them with pleasure. With Fall arriving, I want to start running in the mornings.

I feel dreadfully slow. But considering where I started this year, I have improved hugely. He suggested, "If you want to run 2-3 seconds faster during the middle 2-3 800s, go ahead. But stay smooth and keep your stride under control."

I want to start visualing the half marathon. I first need to convert miles to kilometers. 26.2 miles = 42.2 kilometers. So the half is, well half that: 21.1. Wow. I'm already there - I did 20k two weeks! Something about not knowing made that effortless and fun. I'll take the same approach for 20.5 this weekend.

Back to race planning. I asked what pace and walk breaks he has in mind. Jeff suggested, "I would like for you to try several different ratios on your short runs during the week: 2-1, 3-1, and even run 40 seconds/walk 20 seconds." I was still sore from the 10*800 Tuesday night that I rowed instead. I am thinking I will run on Sunday because my legs are still sore today (Friday).

So 20.5 this weekend. With walk-breaks. Now to map my run.

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