Sunday, 8 January 2012

8 jan great fun. no official results.

we had a really fun day mixed with some disappointment and I managed to delete the race from my watch. I'm in the middle of making dinner, so a full report will have to wait. But the disappointment was being quite late to the start - Christel misread the instructions and thought there was a bag drop-off closer to the start, and the bus that took us from the train station to the course dropped us off about 2 km from the sport hall. We thought we'd be dropped off in town. So the 20 minute walk didn't help, and then we had to walk back to the sport hall, which we had passed early, in order to drop off the back-packs. 

We got a lot of good-natured ribbing about having overslept and that the race wasn't an afternoon start and so on. The course was well run and organised. We ran mostly 10 minute miles with a 1 min walk break every 3-4 minutes. I pushed Christel as hard as she could go. Our finish times weren't recorded since I think we finished just after the course clock closed. But we had the whole course to ourselves. And it was beautiful - broad hard beaches, some mashed potatoes up into the dunes, then a lovely wooded forest run, then open grassy sand dunes, then into town to finish.

The volunteers were friendly and helpful. all turns were well marked. there was plenty of water, tea and sport drink, and peeled tangerines and bananas. The day was sunny and clear. The wind was at our backs on the beach and low while in the dunes. Lots of fun.

I like to look at my results and splits and stuff. I looked at them briefly on the train back on my watch, but must have deleted them accidentally. Cuz they didn't transfer. drat. boo.

I'm in good shape except for a blister. (I wore my regular shoes. darn) and my hip is bugging me again. Christel on the other hand has very "sour" muscles and was in a lot of pain after the race (quads mostly). 

we did the 10.5 km race in under 1:20, which was quite pleasing. We stayed in town for lunch afterwards and enjoyed the day.

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