Saturday, 21 January 2012

21 jan. cold, wet january

I was going to post a photo of me sitting in front of a roaring fire this afternoon, but then you'd be jealous and stop reading, and then I wouldn't be asked to review any more sports books. Which has actually happened for the first time. Reviewing a book, that is. Not losing a reader, which I'm sure happens quite regularly.

You will have to come back to learn which book, and I'm actually going to read it before reviewing it. I flipped through it already and it looks really interesting. It is about improving your performance. Which does not happen by reading this blog, but could possibly happen if you read that book.

Today's photo is very sad. Why? Because I like to eat, and I have had a goal in mind for this year's racing season to be faster and have an easier time of it by weighing less.  That goal kept me from gaining weight over the holidays. But the graph of change over time is quite flat, and I'm coming up on several important events.

The first is the end of january. Which was a done-by-now milestone. The next is a cross-country half marathon in mid february. Which will be easier and faster if I'm at least several kilos lighter. See point A, above.

Next: Several weeks, correction, one week after the half manny is the first eight week training block before my first major event of the season, a century ride with hills.  The rest of you may think that it is inevitable to climb hills when you ride a hundred miles. Not so in Holland. I rode hundreds of miles last year without even 100 meters of elevation gain. (The American equivalent is about 300 feet.)  So I live in fear of hills, especially after the sorry DNF of 2010.

Lastly, I have a new wetsuit and a burning desire to fit into it without voiding the warranty.  I downsized last year when I replaced the old one (through a valid warranty claim, mind you).

So back to the photo. That's my basal metabolic rate + my activity level (desk jockey). And that's not much food. which accounts for Not Much Progress on the weight-loss goal. Combine that with the True Fact: If you're trying to lose weight, and you're not losing a half a kilo per week, then you're doing something wrong.  So. It's time to regroup and try again. I feel terrific with my current way of eating. There's just more of me than I want to haul up the hills in Limburg in a couple months. 

Excuse me while I go sulk.

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