Saturday, 14 January 2012

14 jan.

Today was "running errands," as in food shopping and making stuff for meals next week. I have a dog to walk this evening, so there will actually be some physical activity involved in my day in addition to standing in the kitchen. I have a double-header planned tomorrow, also known as a brick. AM ride in the dunes and early PM run, again in the dunes. Both events with friends, which makes me smile. When I started out on this fitness journey, I met only myself on the road. Now I'm traveling with friends.

I also registered for another 10 k, this one in March in The Hague. I've run this race every year since 2009, when I ran my first 10 k. I decided I want to work on speed rather than distance and decided against running the HM. I'd like to see whether I can finish in under an hour. I'm pretty sure I can. Just need to add a little speed work into the mix between now and then.

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