Saturday, 28 January 2012

28 jan

It can't possibly be the 28th of january. First, there are daffodils blooming in the back garden. Second, I found some christmas decorations that escaped the big clean up weeks ago. Between these two icons, it seems like only a couple days passed.

Today was clear, cold, and sunny. So I took off from saturday chores to ride 30 km in the dunes. I took it easy minding my heart rate. I've a long season ahead.

Thinking about chores reminds me, I still have to make my son's bed with now-clean sheets.

I have figured a new technique for more fun on saturdays. Do the big grocery shop on thursday night, when the store is open late. I will need to think through how that affects menu planning. Friday is usually a sag on the bench night. My big shop usually feeds the weekend and most of my weekday meals. Hmm. When would I do the big cook up?

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  1. We're always juggling the household chores to clear as much time for the weekends. I hate making beds. Sounds like you had a good ride though :-)


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