Saturday, 24 April 2010

recovery run #2

1. Distance Assigned: 10k  Ran 10k in 1:19 plus warm up and cool down walking totaling 1.5km. 20 degrees C and sunny. The return of warm weather running.

2. Pace Assigned: none.  Ran: I aimed for 7;30/km; I averaged 7:54 for the running portion.  Half of it was on the beach in wet sand. So I slowed down because it required greater effort.  

3. Walk Breaks Assigned: none specified.  Ran:  typically 30/30. sometimes 30/1:00  Sometimes I ran for 100 meters and walked for 100 meters.  The last two km I ran at a steady 7:30 pace without walk breaks

4. Speed work: n/a

5. Aches & Pains: I got to meet a new muscle today - the muscle on the front outside of my right shin (lower leg). This is one that has in the past hurt after very long hikes or skiing.  Around 5km it was painful and visibly swollen, causing a spider web of nerve pain in the top of my foot. I stopped and massaged the muscle, rotated my ankle, walked a bit and then stretched my hamstrings and calves and dorsiflexed my foot, trying to "listen" to what was needed.  I walked it out and took short intervals, and it subsided.  I arrived at the sea by about 6km and waded in the water, which is VERY cold and that helped the swelling to dissipate.    My right hip flexor was "present" but not uncomfortable.  I pulled it again the other night while walking my dog - he lunged on the leash and I twisted while my right foot was planted. (Stupid dog). It's fine though.    I continue to be easily fatigued and very tired at night.

6. Questions: you asked me to think about goals.  where to go from here.  My "race calendar" for the rest of  this year is oriented around preparing for two triathlons.  I have an Olympic distance triathlon on 13 June (10 k running) and a Middle Distance Triathlon on 26 September (half marathon running). I will be in the United States in July visiting family.

Spring:  I had thought about running the same10k race I ran last year in the Hague again - it's mid-May, but I'm not yet in the mood for another race. I can register at the last minute if the urge strikes me. 

Looking at the fall, I had a lot of fun in Amsterdam, and thought it might be fun to do the half again there, or the whole marathon - but I think I'll still be recovering from the Middle Distance tri in September. Too soon. And then the season here shuts fairly quickly. I'll probably repeat the local fun runs on the beach over the winter.

Running goals: I like the half marathon distance since the training is not so time-consuming.  Getting ready for Rotterdam, I had a mental block getting started on runs longer than 30 km since I run so slowly,  The long runs chewed up the better part of a whole day, and sometimes I'd get bored in the middle and think about things I'd rather be doing at home with my kids.  I'd like to continue to improve my skills and strengthen my legs.  I'd like to to improve my speed, while maintaining my endurance levels.  I wonder whether that's like burning both ends of the candle!  my 16 year old son came out to run with me on my last training run before the marathon. We did an easy 8 k - he can run much faster than I can, but I can run longer. He stayed at my pace and took walk breaks with me.  Not surprisingly, the next day he was Ouching around the house. 

What are your thoughts? Thanks again. Your coaching has given me the gift of running, which brings me so much joy in my life.

7. Next Week's assignment: "anything I want"


  1. That is a well thought out plan. I'm really keen to see how you do in the tri as I have my eye on that for later in the year. The tri season starts here in October, so I've got time.

    I agree with your half marathon sentiments. I also am starting to dread the long runs. Tomorrow I have a 28 which is basically 3 hours gone from the day plus the associated recovery time. It's a big time commitment. The 1/2 training seems so much more manageable (and fun).

    lad your weather is warming up - must make the running so much more pleasurable.

    P.S: My snake induced hip injury seems to have recovered - did an easy 7km yesterday and not a twinge....phew!

  2. Hi Chris, thought I might pop on over to your external blog to see how you are going and give my support. Sounds like you are really thinking long-term on your running quests, that's awesome. Love how you break it all down into the different areas of concern to you.
    Did you do another 10km run on the Sunday as well?


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