Monday, 5 April 2010

the last long run before 42.2

Today was my last assigned long run before the marathon. My hammies said, Not today please. Ab's seconded the request. The Romanian dead-lifts yesterday left my hammies a little sore. I thought it through - wait until Monday would mean running Wed & Fri & Sun. Running tired today would mean running Tues & Thurs & then Sun. Simple choice once I looked at it like that. I'm still going to swim Tuesday night. I'll wait & see about Friday night swim.

So the assignment was to try out different walk/run ratios over a longer distance. I screwed up programming my watch and it didn't give me the 1 km splits I was expecting. The idea behind the walk/run intervals is to make running the marathon distance easier by reducing the fatigue on my running muscles.

Here's the report.

I'm excited about next week.  Here's my report to my coach. 

1. Distance assigned: 12k. Ran 12.5k. 1:44. Cold, cloudy. (44 degrees F)

2. Pace Assigned: try to get to 7:50 using various walk/run ratios. Ran: 8:15 min/km average for 12k. Unfortunately I had a learning experience with my watch. The way I set up the workout did not give me the km splits I was expecting. If I hadn't such a nice run, it would have ticked me off. Without the splits, my subjective experience was that I think the 30/30 is fastest, if I had to pick one. I don't think I run fast enough to make up for the longer walk portions and keep the target pace.

3. Walk breaks assigned: 20/40; 30/30; 15/45 . Ran 2 min warm up. ran 20/40 for the first 4 km; 30/30 for second 4 km; 15/45 for 2 km; was getting cold so switched to 30/30 for remainder of the run.

What I can say about these: 1) I don't like 15/45. I got cold during the walk breaks. I will keep that ratio in my tool box for when I feel like I am out of gas. 2) I like the gym boss timer. I don't like trying to re-program it while running. I will use it during the race. I figured out I can use it to alter my ratios by setting the beeper for 10 seconds. So If I want to run 40 or walk 40 out of a minute, I can just run or walk until the beeper stops. 3) In general, I'm not terribly fond of such frequent walk breaks. They feel too frequent and disrupt my settling into a pace.

4. Speed work: none

5. Aches & Pains: I was quite tired when I went out for this run. (late afternoon, post Easter party, etc.) I almost postponed it until Monday, but wanted to get it done so I could run T/Th and be rested for Sunday (rather than MWF). Yesterday I did some leg exercises that surprised me with some soreness in my hamstrings today. No big deal, but I felt tired at the start and would have taken a rest day except for tapering this week & next Sunday.

6. questions: Plan for next week? Thanks for everything!

7. next week: 42.2 Rotterdam Marathon!

Jeff was quick with a reply.
Thanks for the feedback.  I appreciate your frustration.
 Here are my suggestions on pacing:
 1. You must conserve resources during the first 15K.  If you don't, the last 10K will be really tough.
2. Try this:  Set your watch for 15 second intervals.
 1st 10K: run 15 sec/walk 30 sec--time yourself per KM--it is very possible that you will hit the pace you need.
 If you are getting behind, go to 30/30.
 Line up as far to the front as you can.  Run on one side of the road or the other to let the faster runners go by you.  This placement may keep you ahead of the sweeper.
You can do it.

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  1. I agree with your can do it!!


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