Saturday, 10 April 2010

POSE running and Me.

Rotterdam is looking race ready. I have a bunch of pix on my phone but I'm clueless as to how to get them off the phone and onto the computer. (I usually email them to myself, but the network is very slow.) Sorry! Yesterday I saw again the new vibram running shoes - phantoms, since they're still not on the market. I saw them first last October.

I've done my stretching and light weight training already. The physioball and pilates mat arrived in the mail Friday. I'm quite pleased. Nearly all the creature comforts are in place in my home workout studio.

So you might remember I got some coaching on the POSE running technique. Here's the before and after video

I found it quite interesting, particularly since I've never seen myself run. I like the technique and will continue to learn it in my quest to improve my running and make my knees happy with my new found passion.

Jacky shared some links that I'll pass along since they're public.

I would advice you to only start working on technique more intensilly after your marathon, which will be soon ;-). 
On the vid you can read some comments. Most important for you is to pay attention to your lead movement with bodyweight (hips) while letting the torso come along (don't hold shoulders back) and while being tall from the waist. Don't focus on a landing on BOF (ball of foot), but learn to land under the body, by focussing on pulling the ankle "under", towards the hip instead of focussing on (anticipating for) landing. Like not extending the lowerleg in front or raise the toes and foot up before landing. Let it land passively by itself so it'll we drop under the body. This will reduce braking. Don't push-off, but lift the foot. Get rid of running with the legs, try to run ON the legs. Try to gradually work you cadence up to atleast 180spm (add 4 steps per week). It'll reduce muscular efoort and increase energy return from elastic tissues.
I have big thoughts on mental endurance. Will collect them and share, but not tonight. Preparation includes getting enough sleep.

I'm seeing a great time on Sunday.

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