Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Post-Marathon Recovery Week #2

Monday: rest. Really. Nothing. I was going to do the core routine, but went to sleep instead. A good choice.

Tuesday: 30 minute walk home from work. One hour swimming laps. I felt really tired this evening and wanted to skip. But I didn't. I am glad.

I decided April would be focus on swim, add some bike. Easy run. I'm working my way through Kearns' Breakthrough Triathlon Training. Essentially, don't be a butt-head and burn out.

I'm back into wondering what to eat. I want someone to plan, shop and cook for me. That would be easier. Oh, let me qualify that - cook food that I like. Otherwise, it's like being 10 again and getting told, that's what's for dinner.  (However, I do like liver and onions now.)

Wednesday: gentle run, core & bike ride.  I ran & rode. I slept. No core work. Just sleep.

Thursday: more core. Maybe a row.  Silly one. No core. No row. Sleep.

Friday: swim, run  I went to a party and had fun talking to people. No swim. Yes Bike. No Run.

Sat: cycle  Switched = since I didn't run Friday, I ran Saturday. 10 k plus 1.5km walking
Sun 10 km run; core.  Core & Cycle planned.  Fatigue is the name of this week.  Did the core workout and 45 minute ride. 

Will do:
  • Read more of carmichael's 6-hour book. done some of this
  • Finish the TI book and watch the rest of the video.  not yet - before Tuesday
  • Look for a free-swim pool opportunity to try some of the TI drills. not yet
  • Birthday shopping for the soon-to-be 11 y.o. not yet
  • Get the Boretti cycle on my calendar. done
  • Look into renting a tri-wetsuit for the Amsterdam Oly not yet.  
  • Read the Bustinskin instructions not yet


  1. I too am having food issues at the moment, though perhaps a bit different to yours (must stop watching cooking shows on TV). How are your motivation levels after the 42? Are you a bit buned out, or is the euphoria of training for the next challenge kicking in already?

  2. No euphoria here yet. The fatigue feels a bit like depression, but I know it will pass. I'm glad I already set some goals, otherwise it might be more difficult to get started again.


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