Saturday, 3 April 2010

Core Workout

Prehab 5 min

Hip Abduction- Quadruped8
Y, T, W, L- Physioball8
Quadruped Posterior Rocking8
Hip Adduction- Sidelying8
Movement Prep 10 minReps
Hip Crossover- Feet Down6
Glute Bridge10
Rotational Fall Out6
Knee Hug6
Backward Lunge6
Knee Hug Lunge Elbow to Instep6
Leg Cradle6
Dropstep Squat3
Hand Walk6
Walking Quadriceps Stretch- Opposite6
Plyometric 10 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Off Box Stabilization3
Box Hop- Lateral5
Box Hop- Medial5
Rotational Jump- 90 Degree Countermovement Stabilize4
Strength 25 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 3 times.
Romanian Deadlift- Dumbbell 2 Arm/1 Leg12
Crunch- Reverse Physioball15
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Lunge- Forward Dumbbell10
Plate Crunch- Physioball15
Repeat the following movement 2 times.
Russian Twist- Bench Holding Physioball10
Regeneration 5 minReps
Foam Roll- Pec30
Foam Roll- Adductor30
Foam Roll- Hamstring30
Quadriceps/Hip Flexor Stretch- Kneeling8
Rope Stretch- Straight Leg Hamstring8

I gave this workout a try as part of a 10-day freebie. As promised, it took an hour, start to finish.  I modified some of the movements: my physio ball hasn't arrived yet.  I did the ply on my BOSU rather than a box. And then quit early on the medial jump out of concern I could easily twist my ankle eight days before the marathon. (Doink!).  I skipped the rope stretch in favor of some yoga postures. I liked them all. I can do without the walking quad stretch. Or maybe I was doing it wrong. My knees felt at risk.

Very handy is the ability to download today's/tomorrow's/whole week's video demo (or just a list) to my iPod.  That way looking at the iPod showed me what was next.  Being able to see the  movement made each one easy to learn.  I didn't wobble too much. This workout is the base of a 12-week program for strength conditioning.  I may sample some easier programs since I am tapering for the marathon and I don't think I ought to start a lot of new stuff the week before the race. 

I like the nutrition component of the website too. Based on your goals it gives you a meal plan within your calorie range. Six meals. Right ratios, sports performance recharges included. Nice. And a shopping list, plus the ability to swap out stuff I don't eat much of (such as grains).


  1. As soon as I emailed Dan, the Sphere came back up, weird!?!

    Which website are we talking about? On the Dashboard there was a photo but none are showing on your blog...

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



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