Friday, 25 December 2009

What will 2010 hold?

I'm reflecting on 2009. Five successful races. I learned valuable lessons from each. I'm looking forward to 2010.  Registering for a race motivates me to train regularly.   I like the crowds and vibrant energy at events. 

I registered for the NYC marathon lottery.  I've already registered for the Rotterdam marathon in April.  I'm looking around at the other possibilities for next year.  I'd like to race the City-Pier-City again, but I'm unsure how to work it into the training schedule for Rotterdam.  I will run Amsterdam again. And perhaps Berlin.  Who knows. The Hague Road Runner club looks like it might be fun to join up with, and I also found a local Dutch Triathlon group.

I would like to compete in triathlons again in 2010. Some months ago I mused about becoming Iron Fit. Then I looked at my finances and decided the first step would be to do some "foundational training" in that department before incurring travel expenses and race fees for an Ironman.  The other issue is a planned trip to the US during the summer, which competes with the Iron calendar in Europe.

2010 will bring me better fitness and health.  I will continue to get leaner and stronger. I can do this.

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