Sunday, 13 December 2009

back in the groove

1. Distance: assigned 6k ran 7.5k

2. Pace Assigned: none ran: average 9:40 min/km total time: 70 min

3. Walk breaks assigned: none ran: typically 4min run:1min walk. sometimes the breaks were further apart

4. Speed work: none.

5. Aches & Pains: no. Bought new shoes on Saturday - mizuno wave riders. they seem like they'll be nice for longer distances. they were a little squishy on the beach.

6. questions: I finished my lower calorie food plan after losing 9 lbs. over the last month. Back to maintenance/training level eating. I felt pretty frozen by grief over my friend's death. I didn't run at all the last two weeks. Today I felt pretty good, although my heart rate was higher than usual for this pace. I assume things will come back to normal soon enough. Should I skip the race next week? My plan is to just take it easy. It's an informal race on the beach. The following week assignment is 27k.

7. Next week: 16k race in Scheveningen

So I finally broke the deep freeze of grief from my friend's death. My last run was two weeks ago, just after she was killed. I ended up crying at the end of the run. *sigh* I went out on the beach for 7.5k at a very leisurely pace (about 8:30 min/k). The weather was clear and cold and sunny. My dog enjoyed the run with me. He lost his tennis ball fairly early in the run and spent the rest of the time trying to steal from other dogs. Sometimes it was funny. Sometimes it slowed me down. Then he lost sight of me and ran off the other way, looking to "catch up." *grumph* I stopped my timer and hollered for him. And he found me.

Yesterday I bought a new pair of running shoes - mizuno wave. I liked running in them today. They were a little squishy on the beach, but they'll be nice on the concrete and pavement where I race. Vibram comes out with a racing/running model in the Spring. I saw them in Amsterdam at the Marathon expo - they were sweet. Of course, the gal at the running store (which sells shoes....) pronounced them impractical since most folks don't have the committment it takes to rehab their feet. I prefer them, but my feet have been getting cold when I run.

I was glad to get moving again today.

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