Saturday, 19 December 2009

14e Mackrel Hardloopen

1. Distance assigned: 16k race on the coast. The 14th annual Mackerel run from Scheveningen harbour south to Kijkduin.

I had a great race today. The temperature was below freezing - -3 (c). It snowed here earlier this week and has been quite cold. So the run was also cold. Places were icy and snowy.

2. Pace Assigned: "take it easy" (since I've been a slug lately) ran: average pace 8:35m/k Fastest 1k was the last. The second half was mostly faster than the first half. total time: 2:17
3. Walk breaks assigned: you had recommended 1:1 ran: I didn't take regular walk breaks after warming up. I ran 4:1 for the first 15 minutes or so, then took walk breaks every half hour when I got something to drink. Generally I just kept a steady relaxing pace.
4. Speed work: none.
5. Aches & Pains: nope. liked the new shoes. I rode my bike to the start, and crossed an icy patch on the road. The bike slid out from under me. I went down hard on my hip and arm, but did not hurt myself. I saw it coming. I felt very lucky not to hurt myself half a kilometre from the start!.
6. questions: nope.
7. Next week 27k

Anyway, I had loads of fun. At the finish, there was freshly fried fish and Snert (dutch-style pea soup with slices of kielbasa type meat). Delicious. The lifeguards were there and wonderfully helpful. The race was low-key and comfortable. I would guess about 750 runners?

I haven't been able to convince my older son to try running. Next year he'll be old enough. It would be fun to run together. Next year, I'll take ,y dog Odie. One or two other runners brought their dogs, and there were plenty romping on the beach too. Odie was very excited to watch me dress for the race, since he didn't realise he was getting left behind.

I ran & finished last. Very early in the race, I was completely alone in the back. It was fine. I like running by myself. I got lots of cheers and encouragement throughout the race (and a private escort from the lifeguards). Especially at the end, the other runners were cheering me on.

Maybe I'll be faster someday. But I don't really mind either way. I ran an enjoyable pace, faster than my 16k Paris race - but that had heat and elevation. The nice thing about starting running races in middle age is I am always having a Personal Best!

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