Sunday, 20 December 2009

about shoes

I liked running yesterday in my new shoes. Mizuno Wave Rider 12(W). Women's size US 8.5/UK 6/ EUR 9. Model 8KN-90368.  I am recording the numbers for the shoes because I'm tossing the shoe box.

In The Netherlands, these shoes cost 140 euro, plus VAT.  They're cheaper on Amazon UK.
Present advertised price: 70-120 US (sale 84 -100 US on selected models)

I prefer to support local shops, but I'm also a cheap-skate.  I ordered an extra pair from Amazon. Because I messed up the order, I ordered two pair. Hopefully I continue to like this model!

Bottom line is I prefer barefoot running.  I still got a small friction blister yesterday. I will try a plaster in advance of next week's 27k.

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