Saturday, 8 June 2013

8 juni

Planning a series of training events to prepare for a long hike takes time.  I spent probably five hours researching potential trails and dates,  set up an invite for everyone, and so on.  Then my younger son realized he has some tests next week and wants fewer hours out tomorrow.  Crash and burn.  I mean leadership opportunity.   I want to motivate and inspire the group and keep the kids safe by making sure that we trek at least every two weeks together with longer distances and heavier packs.  So we've adjusted the plan to avoid driving somewhere new and interesting.  Instead closer and familiar.  So close it's out the front door.   Which is fine by at least one on the leadership team.

Today I road the bike for half and hour.  And tonight I will go out again either for a walk or another ride,  this time adding aire to the tires.

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  1. Good luck on the hikes that you have planned. It sounds like a lot of work with great reward once you've completed the final hike. Having a hike close to home is always a nice feeling. And the others will more than make up for the one on familiar land.


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