Monday, 3 June 2013

3 joy filled Monday

Today I researched how to use flight vouchers from last year to buy the tickets to Sweden.  The delta website wouldn't let me book a group with multiple vouchers.  After buying two pairs of tickets I ran into a road block trying to book what the computer thought was an unaccompanied minor. I called customer service and had a great conversation with a very helpful fellow who booked the last two tickets and helped me fix a mistake I made, with the help of the website, in using one of the vouchers. 

Juneathin started with the very thought, ugh. I have to do something.  Beside making multiple meals, working all day, doing several laundry loads, talking to colleagues, and buying the above tickets.  Oh, and making dinner, 

What I love about running is you just need to put on your shoes and start running.

Granted it is 3 June but I ran in my ski coat this evening.  And enjoyed the sunset.  I will upload the garmin later to running free online. Which likes to post to facebook and wow my friends.  Not. Nth else are not impressive runs.  They are walks with sudden and short lived bursts of speed,  well, not really speed. But faster than walking. 

I will come back and add some guaranteed lovely photos.  I took them with an incompatible device. 

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