Saturday, 1 June 2013

1 june - just start

I switched to a Mac and my Garmin isn't sure it wants to make friends.  I switched phones too and haven't figured out the auto upload.  I'm whining about this so you feel better. I imagine you struggle with change too.**

[**solution found: enable google plus on the samsung galaxy III phone. link to account. tell it to back up existing photos.]

Okay. Long windy walk with occasional sprints. Juneathon day 1 done.
Photos to make it interesting.

Sorry. Not possible. I need to feed my child and I cannot figure out the technical requirements of drop box, iPhoto, google and samsung.  So. Instead of windy beach. Here is Spring from a few weeks ago. We skipped summer and we're now into blustery fall weather again.

Aha. Never give up.  blustery beach.

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