Friday, 13 November 2009

long slow distance 9 November

The weekend overflowed with kids' activities. So I made up my long run Monday afternoon, running into the darkness as the sun set, and beyond. New discovery: Seagull poop glows.

I intentionally kept up a faster pace and took fewer walk breaks (4:1) than my usual long runs (1:1 or 2:1). I don't particularly want to go past four hours as I train for a marathon. Nor do I want to get used to running at barely a jog pace.

This run was entirely in my Vibrams. I liked them. I need to trim a spot inside one shoe that gave me a blister.

1. Distance assigned: 18 k ran: 19.4k (was enjoying the run, and not paying attention to distance....It's good I don't run in traffic.)

2. Pace Assigned: none ran: average 9:53m/km total time: 3:11

3. Walk breaks assigned: none ran: 4min run:1min walk. I ran out of intervals on my watch and ran the last 7 k with ad hoc walk breaks - more frequent than 4:1. Walked the last 2 k, since I knew I was overdistance.

4. Speed work: this week I ran sprint intervals for five k. Sub'd a row for the second mid-week run. It was fun.

5. Aches & Pains: not really. About an hour into the run, I noticed the pain I usually get in the ball of my right foot. It's from a bone in the middle of the ball. I massaged it, put my foot in cold water (in the surf), and kept running, paying attention to how it felt. It stopped hurting, so I continued the run. No big deal. knees seem fine. They'll probably complain a little in the morning.

6. questions: nope.

7. Next week: 5k (that's a disappointment!!)

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