Sunday, 15 November 2009

easy five k 15 Nov 2009

1. Distance: 5k ran 5.75 I managed to turn my Garmin watch off as I pulled off my shell when I got too hot. So the run ended up being 5.75. I kinda' knew where to turn back along the coast. But I was enjoying myself and went a tad bit longer. There were plenty of dogs with their ball-throwers. Mine was content to carry his most of the run, occasionally teasing me with a toss-and-snatch when I went to throw it for him. He loves to wade in the surf. In Holland, people seem to train in groups or with clubs. There was a group of about 20 runners on a distance run, loaded up with camel-baks and packs. They were going pretty fast. Or maybe it's just that I was going pretty slow!

2. Pace Assigned: none ran: average 8:30 min/km total time: 50 min

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