Friday, 4 September 2009

shoe saga continues

I don't know how to describe yesterday. I felt bored with food. Not cooking, shopping, or planning. Just foraging in my kitchen and eating at the canteen. I wasn't not hungry in the morning. Ate when I get to work. Lunch was roast chicken that had a sweet chili sauce. I think that triggered a sugar craving and I ate half a bag of licorice. Instead of tasty apples sitting on my desk. Then a late inadequate dinner, which was a sports meal replacement bar. Eaten at the checkout stand because I was feeling light-headed. Even so I am quite pleased with myself. I had been feeling a little too perfect with my food lately.

Thursdays are the only day of the week when stores stay open past five. So last night I ran errands on my bike in a rainstorm, complete with high winds and lightning, to try out some new running shoes (again) and replace the bath salts I used up. And buy go-gel and sports drink for this weekend's long run. I picked a local marathon out for December. It's a homely little race nearby; by then it will be cold, dark and rainy here. A fine time to run.

So I have yet another pair of running shoes, these a half-size larger. According to the shoe guy, the Brooks are fine for shorter distances but they are too soft and my right foot needs more support against bending and rolling off my foot at an angle. I think the real problem is my form since my right foot turns out just a bit. I will try a treadmill run so I can try the shoes while keeping them clean. I'm vaguely suspicious of shoe guy's opinions. He's in the business of selling shoes, after all. He didn't have my size in the shoe he was recommending - turns out he wants to put me back in the same Asics Nimbus I already have.

I mail-ordered some VIBRAM five finger shoes the other day to see if barefoot running continues to work better for me. Shoe store guy offered his opinion that I would hurt myself running on asphalt. [don't they all say that?] That my feet don't hurt on the the beach because it acts like a cushioned running shoe. Time will tell. But I know my Brooks hurt after 8k on sand or asphalt. He said they were half a size too small. Crikey. The same store sold them to me. He did give me a discount on the new shoes though. So I'll try the Saucony, which are not as stiff as the Nimbus.

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