Saturday, 19 September 2009

Magic Mile 19 September 2009 Smokin!

Today's weekend running assignment was an easy 5k jog with a magic mile in the middle. I took it out to the marked trail near the house - out and back to the starting point is 3.0k, making this a perfect little workout.

200 01:02.7
400 01:02.2
600 01:13.0
800 01:03.3
1000 01:19.5
1200 01:02.1
1400 01:18.1
1600 01:05.3
total 09:06.2

1.5k WU 12:42.8
1.5k CD 13:35.5
5k 35:24:00

Looking at my lap times, I think I went out a little fast and could have saved some for the second half. I wasn't using pace music, so this was "by feel" and faster than my 800 meter repeats.
By comparison, I ran the magic mile in April as 10:44.0

I am really pleased with my progress, even though I am impatient to run faster. I remind myself if I try too hard, I will hurt myself. Such a set back would take me further from my goals. So, steady there, Steady!


You had a really good MM. With better pacing, you could have run faster by about 6-9 seconds.

On the next MM, do the first and second 200s in 1:10, then drop to 1:07, then 1:05. You should be able to pick up the pace during the last 3-4 200s. Above all, have fun.

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