Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Get Ready For the Half-Marathon

The weekend workouts will prepare me for my goal of completing the half marathon. Mr Galloway says, "Be sure to use the liberal walk breaks and the pacing guidelines. The minimum necessary for maintaining the improved conditioning you are gaining on the long ones is two 30 minute workouts (usually on Tues and Thurs). These can be run at any pace you choose, using any ratio of run-walk-run you wish."

Mr Galloway says, "Weather influences finish times more than anything else. Every degree above 14C will generate a slower finish time. The pace of long runs and the race itself should be slowed by 20 sec per kilometer for every 2C degrees above 14C. The bottom line is that you must slow the pace of long runs and races, from the beginning, on a day that is hotter than 14C. Many of my [Galloway's] runners bring a thermometer with them to make the adjustments as needed. "

Mr Galloway says, "My main goals for you are to stay injury free, and blend the best of body, mind and spirit through running. These are the themes in e-coaching. ... The "Magic Mile" time trials (MM) are reality checks on your goal. These should be done on the weeks noted on the schedule. The MM has been the best predictor of current potential and helps us set a realistic training pace. With this information, you can decide how hard to run during various situations. (If you have any injuries you should not do the MM)."

The e-coaching includes one of Mr Galloway's books. I chose Galloway Training. I am looking forward to a good read.

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