Saturday, 18 April 2009

My first Magic 1600 meters

Here's what it looks like:

400m 2:08.0
800m 2:45.5
1200m 2:50.5
1600m 3:00 (estimated)

~30 sec after each lap; sometimes during too. Last 200m featured a lot of walking.

I had fun and challenged myself. I realized afterwards I didn't hit the lap button when I finished. I thought I had, but I did capture when my friend, who ran a 2k loop, finished. So I could make a reasonable estimate.

During the week, I scouted the Dunes and found a portion of a running trail marked by 100m increments. I ran out 800m, and turned around. However, I couldn't see the finish line, which was only a faded triangle. Next time I will mark it with some coloured chalk. I walked quite a bit of the last 200 meters. I don't think I triggered my lap button properly when I finished the last segment.

I concentrated on figuring out how to run the segments on the marked trail. Consequently, I overlooked the instruction to run the 10-minute warm up at 1:1. I didn't take walk breaks during the warm up. I will remember this for next MM.

I stayed up too late the night before and went to bed at 11:30 PM, which is unusually late for me. I woke at 5:45 AM and finally got up at 6:30, not feeling sufficiently rested. I guess I was nervous, since I also didn't feel like eating. So I ate just a banana along with my usual espresso.

I am having trouble adapting my schedule to rest on Fridays. I really like to go to the gym Friday after work. I did a short high intensity interval row. I cut the planned duration in half to save some of my legs for the run on Saturday. I did only upper body weights and core work (plank). No squats or lunges.

I could switch my weekend run to Sundays, but would have to give up running with a buddy, which I don't want to do. And I wouldn't rest on Saturdays either, since it's fun to bike ride, etc. And occasionally on Sundays I have sailing class commitment for my son. Perhaps I will do the cardio in the morning on Fridays so I have 24 rather than only 12 hours rest.

Weight is down 1 pound for the week. I ate really good food during the week, but I think I ought to eat more to keep up with my exercise level. I will look at increasing my net calories to get and stay above 1200 per diem.

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